Academic Achievements of Robert Lanza

Robert Lanza is an underprivileged, yet an inquisitive youth in Stoughton, Mass., south of Boston who caught the attention of Harvard Medical School researchers when he had successfully altered the genetics of chicken in his basement. He received his BA and MD degrees from the University of Pennsylvania where he was both a university scholar and Benjamin Franklin scholar. He is a former Fulbright scholar who was taken under the wing of the scientific giants in the fields of biotechnology. He was tutelage under the laboratory of Richard Haynes from MIT, Jonas Salk from the Salk Institute, and Nobel laureates Gerald Edelman of the Rockefeller University, and Rodney Porter from Oxford University. He also worked closely and co-authored a series of papers with the late Harvard psychologist B.F. Skinner and heart transplant pioneer Christiaan Barnard. Among his awards include the 2006 All Star Award for Biotechnology from Mass High Tech, and the 2005 WIRED Rave Award.

Dr. Robert Lanza has since become one of the leading and most controversial scientists in the world. He is currently working as the Vice President of Research & Scientific Development at Advanced Cell Technology, and as Adjunct Professor at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. He has hundreds of publications and inventions, and 20 scientific books to his credit. As he had learned from the greats, he wants to pass on his knowledge to the future giants of science.

All about Acai Berry

Acai berries make for an absolutely fabulous addition to any household because they are filled with amazing nutrients that can transform your health. Fitness experts from across the world have advocated the wonders of the Acai berry and you should start taking advantage of the many beneficial nutrients on offer. Generally these berries are easy to source either from local stores or online web sites. The berries tend to spoil very quickly so you are most likely to find them in a juice or powder form but these are equally useful and nutritious.


It is very easy to incorporate Acai berries into your everyday meals. If you want your children to get a boost of antioxidants and other nourishing elements then you need to start make juices and smoothies using Acai berries. Acai juice is widely available nowadays but if you want to add more nutrition you can transform juice into a smoothie. All you have to do is add a banana, some milk and any other fruits that you like. Smoothies are a great way to encourage your children to eat more healthy fruit and with Acai berries within they sure pack a nutritional punch.


Acai berries are an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness. The berries contain an impressive array of nutrients that will work wonders for your metabolism and circulation, making you much healthier and happier. Eating Acai berries in any form is a recipe for success in both body and mind.



Nanny cams use

Many American couples have very busy work schedules that they leave their children behind to baby-sitters or nannies. Usually they entrust their children to people who are well-known to them or were recommended by an agency. However, there are some cases that these harmless-looking nannies are in fact child abusers or burglars who take advantage of the absence of these unsuspecting homeowners. Fortunately, there are those who were wise enough to consider nanny cam. The idea may be laughable for some, but it is a necessity for others because they have been victims in the past.At the very least, these spy cameras will enable a homeowner to discover how the nanny behaves towards the child while he or she is at work or to make sure if that particular babysitter is indeed doing her job. Also, the homeowner can check the behavior of his or her child while with another person. If the unsuspecting baby-sitter does maltreat a child she will definitely regret her deed because the spy camera caught her red-handed. In other cases, this device can also be used as evidence if the nanny stole some valuables in the house. This will come in handy because there is an existing law that forbids one to incarcerate a person if the basis was suspicion.Camouflaged to appear like ordinary homey items, nanny cams are very easy to install that anyone can set it up in roughly nine minutes or less. Moreover, these hidden cameras are basically invisible to the naked eye and can be strategically positioned in any spot in the house. If a homeowner is at work, that person can see everything that is going on inside his or her house by virtue of the hidden camera which is connected to the Internet. For those who want more state-of-the-art models, they can set up surveillance software to their PCs which they will attach to the wireless receiver or camera.Among the advanced cameras are motion activated ones wherein they record places where there is little activity, but memory and battery energy will be conserved. Best of all, any suspicious activity will be recorded if any does happen. However, before anyone can join the bandwagon of installing nanny cams in his or her home, it would be best for that person to consult first with a lawyer regarding discreet recording of any person within the house. This is a safe way to comply with the law, so homeowners may know their limitations on how to utilize their nanny cams.